Sun on the Wash House – Soleil sur le lavoir

This was taken on Wednesday – the last time there was sun. I’m so tired of the rainy weather!

J’ai pris cette photo mercredi – la dernière fois qu’il a fait soleil. J’en ai assez de ce temps pluvieux!

Freezing Cold – Froid de canard

And I mean freezing! We were slipping and sliding all over the paving stones at the market this morning.

Mais pourquoi dit-on “froid de canard”?

Unexpected Snow – De la neige inattendue


We were absolutely not expecting to see snow on the ground when we woke up this morning! By midday it was all gone. I’m hoping no budding vegetation has suffered.

Nous n’attendions pas du tout de voir de la neige ce matin en nous réveillant ! A midi, tout était parti mais j’espère que les bourgeons n’ont pas soufferts.

Snow on the Hydrangeas – De la neige sur les hortensias


This is what I woke up to this morning. It’s been sleeting and snowing all day and despite a temperature of -1°C, there is about as much snow tonight as there was this morning. It seems we should get more tomorrow.


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