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Covid Confinement Day 46 – CDP theme day: shopping

Shopping is a difficult theme during lockdown in France as we can only shop for essential items. Traditionally May Day is the only day of the year where everyone has the right to sell lily-of-the-valley, considered to bring good luck. It’s also Labour Day and a public holiday. As a result of the corona virus very few people were able to offer it to their loved ones. However it grows in our garden. The white ones flowered some days ago because we are having an early spring but there were still a few of these delicate ones.
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There was another death in our area today and 218 new deaths in France against 289 yesterday.
Le shopping est un thème plutôt difficile pendant le confinement alors qu’on est limité aux essentiels. Cette année la tradition d’offrir du muguet pour souhaiter le bonheur le premier mai n’était pas au rendez-vous. Heureusement nous en avons dans notre jardin. Le muguet blanc est déjà passé depuis quelques jours tellement le printemps est précoce mais il restait quelques beaux brins de muguet rose.
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On a enregistré un décès de plus en Loir-et-Cher aujourd’hui tandis que le nombre de nouveaux morts en France au cours des 24 dernières heures était 218 contre 289 hier.

3 replies on “Covid Confinement Day 46 – CDP theme day: shopping”

What a very special tradition and unusual fact about selling them.
It is also our Labour Day holiday on Monday. Restrictions were relaxedin Qld today, to allow families to travel up to 50 km to visit, picnic, and recreate. Many National parks will also open. Social distancing must be adhered to. I just hope everyone has been sensible. Tonights news will be interesting to listen to.
I seem to be busier than ever with all my ‘stay at home’ projects, so I don’t often get to comment but I do enjoy reading of your daily reflections on your confinement.
Stay safe.

I quite agree. I’m pleased you are enjoying the posts – it’s not always easy to vary the photos when we can’t go far! I’m sure you’ll be fine in Australia. Everyone seems to be taking it seriously.

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